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Medical Billing & Coding Services

Foundation of Your Financial Performance

Medical billing and coding are crucial for ensuring reimbursements and avoiding payment delays. However, these tasks can sometimes hinder healthcare providers from delivering quality care to their patients. With accurate medical billing and coding, significant financial returns can be achieved.

To prioritize patient-centered care and optimize your financial performance, it is important to have an efficient and effective system in place. Cures Medical Billing Services understands this and offers medical billing and coding services to help your facility allocate resources more effectively and improve patient flow.

Choose Us to Keep Your Medical Billing and Coding services on Time

Cures Medical Billing services provides outstanding medical billing and coding services for medical practices and facilities of any scale. We consistently increase our client’s revenue by a minimum of 10% while streamlining the medical billing services process to be efficient, compliant, and hassle-free. Our proven method guarantees precise coding and optimal reimbursement. With our expert team of medical billers and coders, we ensure swift and accurate claim submissions, expediting the entire process to secure maximum reimbursements for medical facilities promptly.

We Offer Medical Billing and Coding Services

You are looking for a medical billing company of his healthcare billing practice? Cures Medical Billing services offers the most efficient medical billing and coding services in the United States. Our team of experienced and skilled Certified Professional Coders, Certified Inpatient Coders, and Certified Outpatient Coders have extensive knowledge and coding exposure in all specialties. Whether you’re a hospital, Physical therapy billing, Mental health billing, home healthcare billing, urgent care billing and physician of different specialties, we can help you maximize your revenue by transforming your healthcare services. We handle everything from routine claim submissions to accounts receivable management, follow-ups, denials, and appeals. Trust us to be your reliable medical billing and coding company.

Our Medical Billing and Coding Services Process

When you choose Cures Medical Billing Company, you’re expanding your team without the extra costs. We’ll discuss your needs, then create a dedicated billing and coding team just for you. Our main aim is to boost your revenue cycle by efficiently handling all claims. We’re not just a medical billing company – we’re your partner in financial success.

Our team manages the entire revenue cycle, from processing insurance claims to denial management and record-keeping. With Cures Medical Billing on your side, your focus can solely be on patient care, leading to increased patient volume and better experiences. Leave medical billing and coding to the experts who are up-to-date on healthcare regulations.

Typically, any errors found are related to documentation and are fixed within the first day of auditing. Our team quickly identifies revenue issues and makes immediate improvements. Cures Medical Billing provides you with accessible data and performance updates, keeping you informed about your revenue cycle management and suggesting changes for further success.

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Why should you consider outsourcing your medical billing and coding services to Curesmb?

Cures Medical Billing services is your one-stop solution for complete revenue cycle management. We have a team of experts who specialize in all aspects of medical billing and coding. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by outsourcing to us:

  • We are HIPAA compliant, ensuring complete data and document security.

  • You can save up to 40% on operating costs per employee

  • We have a dedicated team of over 50 highly skilled support personnel.

  • Our reports are available in real-time, providing you with up-to-date information.

  • We use innovative systems and software to streamline the billing and coding process.

  • You will have access to certified experts who are well-versed in the latest industry standards.

  • We ensure timely filing of claims, reducing any delays in reimbursement.

  • Our strict quality control measures and information security policies guarantee accuracy and confidentiality.

  • Our team consistently provides correct coding across various medical specialties.

  • We maintain 100% transparency with your data and processing.

  • Our secure EHR software and infrastructure enable secure information and data flow between Cures Medical Billing and our partners.

Your Success Is Our Success

We are a team of national medical billing service experts based in Astoria, NY, committed to providing ongoing value to our customers. We leverage technology and implement best practices to provide high-quality and cost-efficient medical billing solutions from domestic locations, enabling customers to achieve their business goals. Cures Medical Billing is the best option for any medical billing needs.

Medical billing around Astoria, NY, and beyond is our core competency and our specialists will efficiently manage all your billing needs. Our medical billing specialists have over 12 Plus years of experience with all security technologies to ensure data integrity for our customers. Using our medical billing service, anyone can make their medical billing task less resource-consuming.

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Contact Cures Medical Billing company now by dialing +1 (917) 994-9941 to schedule your consultation. There are numerous benefits to having us on board. We can assist in boosting your revenue and patient care, as well as in optimizing your operations. Our team offers more than just billing services. Reach out to us for further information on how we can support you.

Our Services

Healthcare billing service effortlessly with Cures medical billing services. Our skilled professionals are dedicated to ensuring financial success through transparent and secure practices. Trust on Cures MB for precise and careful handling of all your billing needs.

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